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Add your pixels

Simply add your pixel information for all your favourite remarketing services.

Shorten your long link

Add your link to engaging content your fans will love. Receive a social-friendly link.

Share your short link

Share your social-friendly link on your marketing channels where your fans will engage.

Retarget engaged users

Retarget your engaged users on the marketing platforms you love.

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Add CTAs to third-party sites you link to

Create highly engaging CTAs on third-party sites to capture your engaged followers.

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Add retargeting to every link you share

Create custom audiences for retargeting with every link you share.

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The tools you need to capture your engaged followers

Capture & convert engaged followers

Link Shortening

Shorten every link and add retargeting pixels to superpower your sharable links.

Detailed Analytics

In-depth analytics that show how your links are performing and who is engaging with them.

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No sign in required, just shorten your link, and share. We'll take care of everything else for you.


Create custom audiences for everyone who clicked your links and reach them with engaging targeted ads.


Create new brands to organize your pixels and links like a breeze.

Custom Domains

Don’t like our domain names? Easily setup your own custom domains.

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